Acupuncture is a 3000 year old form of healing. It was mostly done based on energetics and the theory of rebalancing the body in order for the body to heal itself. Many acupuncture points correspond to trigger points, muscle planes and areas where veins, arteries, nerves, or lymphatics can be located. Acupuncture can trigger neurohormonal (endorphin, among others) release as proven in scientific studies. Despite some of the advances we have in understanding how this method of healing works there is still a lot that is unknown but it is widely accepted as another treatment modality for pain. Those most comfortable with it can also use it for problems beyond muscular skeletal ones.

At Animal Haven, acupuncture and complementary medicine are used in conjuction with conventional medicine. It can help treat problems when no definitive diagnosis can be made. Animals tolerate it very well and some really enjoy it. There are some instances where it would need to be used with caution or not at all such as if a patient is pregnant or has cancer. That doesn’t however mean that herbal therapies can’t be used for cancer when acupuncture cannot. Although often tried as a treatment of last resort it can often have a profound effect and greatly increase a pets quality of life.

We recommend allowing 5 treatments before deciding if the therapy is helping or not. Often it will be evident faster but not always. It’s important to give the new modality a little time to have an effect.