As doctors, we are concerned about your pets over all health and managing weight is not a big part of that as pets tend to do less and less. Exercise is always a necessary part of weight loss but recent studies have used nutrional management for a large part of that weight loss. Although there are a number of over the counter weight management formulas available they are often 100-200 calories more per cup than a veterinary brand.

We find a food that works bet for your pet then determine how much they should be eating based on their current weight and their body condition score. Their body condition score is way to objectively describe an animals weight and have it understood among other veterinarians what we are talking about. As with human weight loss programs weigh-ins are very important so adjustments to diet can be made. Some animals will be able to return to their regular food after they have reached their ideal weight so long as they are monitored. If your pet is overweight bring them in to be assessed and let us help you get your friend back in shape and earn a place in the weight loss hall of fame.